At Insight Consulting our core capabilities are:

Frontier Market Projects:

  • Developing programmes to solve government monetary challenges
  • Identifying new and existing government revenue streams
  • Developing investor friendly frameworks
  • Motivating regulatory changes to de-risk programmes
  • Sourcing significant investment
  • Managing the alignment of both government and investor objectives

Problem Solving:

We de-risk projects initiated by our clients through the provision of a broad-range of risk management and mitigation services:

  • Strategic risk advisory services
  • Business intelligence and investigations (due diligence, background checks, threat finance & forensics)
  • Crisis management and response, business continuity and evacuation planning
  • Non-litigious dispute resolution
  • Strategic communications
  • Security risk consulting; conflict sensitivity and VPSHR auditing
  • Security sector development and transformation

Insurance Solutions:

We are authorised representatives for a major Lloyds broker and we advise and assist insurers operating across Africa to assess and minimise insurance risk and protect investment:

  • Political violence and terrorism insurance
  • Active assailant insurance
  • Business interruption and loss of attraction insurance
  • Property and fire insurance
  • Special risk
  • 24/7 response services (including kidnap for ransom response)
  • Emerging risks e.g. cyber security and drones
  • Loss adjusting services to investigate and manage claims locally on behalf of the insurer

Technical Collaborations - Research and Development:

  • Teamed with major international technology partners, we are leading the development of a Predictive Analysis System, using Artificial Intelligence (AI), for use in international security and development
  • We are partnered with virtual voting application “MiChoice” to provide research and analytics relating to their elections and referenda processes, designed specifically for migrants (expatriates, diaspora, immigrants and refugees).